XeRiS can be accessed by Guest or Registered Users, with different authorisation levels.

Guest users

A limited number of Guests can access XeRiS simultaneously, without the need to enter their credentials. Guests have access restricted to the panels listed below:

  • Structure (just using two pre-defined layered structural models)
  • Eigen
  • Parametric
  • Scenario
  • Fault Scenario
  • MCSI

All data generated by Guests are lost upon logout.

Registered users

Users interested in accessing the whole capabilities of the XeRiS web application must write an e-mail to requesting the opening of a XeRiS account.

The account may be provided for free to users carrying on research projects directly proposed by the XeRiS developers. On the other hand, a fee will be requested to other users interested in estimating the seismic input for their own specific interest. The amount requested will depend on the project characteristics, and can be modulated according to the functionalities the user is interested in. Special educational discounts are available for use in Universities and other no-profit organisations.