XeRiS is based on the innovative neo-deterministic approach (NDSHA)
, developed at the Department of Mathematics and Geosciences of the Trieste University, in the framework of long term international collaborations (ICTP SAND Group).

NDSHA builds on physically sound basis to allow for an assessment of the seismic hazard more complete than traditional probabilistic approaches.

Specific ad-hoc analyses of local seismic response are highly recommended to increase the reliability of ground shaking predicted at a given site. Accordingly, NDSHA is based on the theoretical computation of synthetic seismograms from realistic models of generation and propagation of the seismic waves. The complete time series generated by XeRiS can be immediately used as seismic input for the seismic assessment of relevant structures.

NDSHA can be applied at regional scale, integrating the available knowledge on seismic his tory, seismogenic zones and structural models. At the local scale, NDSHA allows for the seismic microzonation and provides estimates of spectral amplifications with respect to reference bedrock.


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