XeRiS is a Cloud platform for seismic hazard assessment.

XeRiS offers advanced consulting services, ranging from the modelling of seismic input to the vibrometric analysis of buildings.

XeRiS is addressed to engineers, urbanists, administrators, insurance companies and stake-holders who are interested in reliable territorial planning, assessment, design and construction of buildings and infrastructures in seismic areas.


eXact, eXperience on Advanced Computational Technologies, is an innovative start-up offering services and solutions for scientific and technical computing.

eXact proposes HPC as a Service solutions based on Cloud Computing so as to guarantee customers the desired costs flexibility and a reduction of infrastructural costs.

eXact develops XeRiS in collaboration with the Department of Mathematics and Geosciences, Trieste University, and offers on-demand the XeRiS services, providing the necessary computational resources for advanced numerical modelling.

eXact lab s.r.l. - Via Beirut, 2/4 - 34014 Trieste - Italy - P.IVA/C.F. 01207340322
PEC: exactlab@pec.it - Phone +39 040 224566